Monday, May 18, 2009


I am throwing out the complacency of the past few semesters. I have been a pushover, and a jerk to a lot of people, I've kept bad company and as such I realize bad company corrupts good morals. That's been me, I know I can change I just haven't. So today I've decided enough is enough. Perhaps it's time for some solitude, but I definitely am done with making college kid decisions involving what is the most fun for me at the moment.

I've strayed far from my roots, and what values were instilled in me from my childhood, but like the Prodigal son I am going to make a venture home. I'd like to surround myself with more positive Christian friends and be involved in wholesome activities again. But I realize it's going to be frustrating because I feel like a lot of times typical Christians and I don't jive. That could me my misconception but often times I just don't think like them. I don't know if that is my public education/societal influences besting me or if it's just an excuse.

Whatever the case I really feel like a difficult transition is upon me, but the winds of change have come and I want to be carried away.

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