Friday, February 27, 2009

Rage against the First Access/CU Temps

Okay I want to scream so many expletives right now, but I won't instead I'm just gonna try and vent. I was fired from my job as a teller back home. And I just found out via email, and it was 2 months after the fact!

I was fired for leaving 10 minutes early (let's not forget that I often was there 10-20 minutes early).
Now I want to defend myself. I left early because the other teller I work with was leaving, the bank is in a shady part of Tampa and we had been robbed 2x that previous week! I was not about to sit there for 10 minutes by myself at 8'oclock at night and then walk to my car by myself. This is total crap! I think it was so unprofessional of them to fire me off the bat without even a reprimand or discussion on why I left early. I wish there was some sort of protection for employees in this case. Now I don't have any means of income and it is going to cause some extra stress. Thank you all at the First Access Service Team, ya'll are a swell group of people...

For anyone in the greater Tampa Bay area, never work for Shannon Yurcus, Thomas Grom, First Access Service Team/FAST/ or Credit Union Temps/CUTemps/CUSO, or Tampa Bay Federal, or GTE FCU, or Bay Gulf. They will not take care of you as an employee nor will they treat you with the respect you deserve, find employement elsewhere!

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