Saturday, May 30, 2009


Sometimes I never want to leave St. Pete, yet simultaneously I miss things about Tallahassee. I wonder what awaits outside of these two homes?

Even still I feel like a nomad that doesn't BELONG in either place.

Friday, May 29, 2009

I have a fever...

...and the only prescription is more MANGOS. I love Florida and tropical climates, and the fruits that are available.

I've decided I want to own a Mango orchard this is one of my new goals for life.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

I think it's growing on me

Blogging, is way more cathartic than I expected. I figured this would be like Twitter, and Facebook, and Myspace. But it's turning out to be more like Live journal where I can just spout off whatever, sorta sweet.

I have no motivation to work on my homework and it's quickly piling up.I am starting to strongly consider the Leadership Institute for the Fall and deferring graduate school. It could be a giant risk but I think it could be a really awesome experience/adventure. We'll see though.

Tomorrow's plans are to go to the Warhol exhibit at the MFA with Hillary and get some awesome lunch somewhere downtown, hopefully Ratchadas. I must finish this space planning or I am going to be royally screwed, but I don't see that happening before Monday.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Home again Home again jiggedy jig

I'm home in St. Petersburg for 5 days, I love how my professors consistently cancel class and studio over the Summer, happens every year. They just don't feel obligated I suppose, it's fine with me as long as I graduate on time. I found out there is a Andy Warhol exhibit at the museum downtown and I am definitely checking that out ASAP. I love modern art and while his work has become almost cliche' in our culture I still find it refreshing.

My Mom thinks I have Strep throat and I'm gonna try to resolve that tomorrow, it may entail finding a new primary care Dr. as I don't think I can still go to my Pediatrician at 22 years of age. I hate Doctors and don't want to try to find a new one. Too bad HMOs are awful things and I'm not covered to use a Dr. in Tallahassee.

I hate T-mobile, it's a long story and I can explain it to you in person if you care, but avoid them like leprosy, if at all possible. I was with them for 6 years and they are still trying to rape me for $250.00 bones.

I have 3 awesome new roommates for the Fall and I'm pretty excited for this next year. However, due to the lack of funds, and unsure about my graduate assistant ship I'm about to throw caution to the wind and do something out of character. That would be to join the Young Americans for Liberty and go to the Leadership Institute this Fall and become a field representative. I just got the information about it and it's really exciting to me, I have to look into it more. This would mean abandoning Grad school at FSU and my plans in Tallahassee.

I really wish I could just float through this last Summer semester and be done with it. I'm over the field of interior design, my professors, the mindset, and almost all aspects of it.

Current things that I'm stoked out of my mind for: Andy Warhol Exhibit, My new Roommates, My new House, Graduation, Animal Collective Show, New friends, and Crossbridge.

Monday, May 18, 2009


I am throwing out the complacency of the past few semesters. I have been a pushover, and a jerk to a lot of people, I've kept bad company and as such I realize bad company corrupts good morals. That's been me, I know I can change I just haven't. So today I've decided enough is enough. Perhaps it's time for some solitude, but I definitely am done with making college kid decisions involving what is the most fun for me at the moment.

I've strayed far from my roots, and what values were instilled in me from my childhood, but like the Prodigal son I am going to make a venture home. I'd like to surround myself with more positive Christian friends and be involved in wholesome activities again. But I realize it's going to be frustrating because I feel like a lot of times typical Christians and I don't jive. That could me my misconception but often times I just don't think like them. I don't know if that is my public education/societal influences besting me or if it's just an excuse.

Whatever the case I really feel like a difficult transition is upon me, but the winds of change have come and I want to be carried away.