Monday, June 1, 2009

When life hands you rotten cheese

Douse your entire abode with oust.

The smell of my house when I returned this afternoon was a horrible concoction that was across between dead cantaloupe and rotting Parmesan. Yes it was not pleasant, and NO it was not due to my uncleanliness I hadn't been home fore 5.5 days and it wasn't what I was looking forward to coming home to.

But such is life. Gotta sign a lease tomorrow, have a headache and I'm gonna go jog it off soon. My hotel is almost designing itself which is convenient, but I am not in love with it, just shooting for graduation. I don't think the Leadership Institute is going to be happening this Fall as the application is more intense than I expected and I am too feeble minded and uneducated in Politics to really pursue it at this time.

Hopefully I can bone up on all of that in the upcoming months.

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