Thursday, June 25, 2009


Today two celebrities I could care less about died. And I'm getting flack for being heartless, while the loss of life is sad, I really don't care. They weren't personal friends or acquaintances, and as such I do not feel a personal loss, any greater than finding out there was a shooting last night in my city.

I am probably gonna just sit it out until my lease runs out in August as I feel like moving into the "Dudeplex" will be extremely distracting while trying to wrap this semester up and all the late nights it will entail.

I have been feeling really disconnected with people lately, like some social mechanism of mine is not working properly. I really just need to graduate, I also really don't know about Grad school, why am I rushing into this?

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rachel.lyn said...

don't feel disconnected...make a visit to Tampa :) we love having you around!