Wednesday, July 8, 2009

cheese with whine

-No Graduate Assistantship
-No job
-Running low on $$$
-Car constantly having issues, today the engine overheated and I was stalled in the New Leaf parking lot for 1.5 hours,
-Computer keeps crashing, and has become a daily occurrence.
-Super confused on what to do about this Fall due to my financial status.
- Lonely, and feeling like there's a good chance I'm depressed.
-Tired of this stupid town.
-Really tired of working on this Hotel project.
- Miss my family and friends in Tampa, even when I was just there.

Sometimes I just want to explode and scream EFF at the top of my lungs because I just feel so frustrated with life. Yet I somehow maintain my composure, I give credit to God for this, as He is the only way I can keep sane. I know He'll provide for me but not seeing His provision in my stupid human time frame has become a roadblock for me.

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